Posted by: joranahan | April 23, 2010

Off Tomorrow

We are planning to leave Balboa area tomorrow morning, probably stopping for a night or so in Las Perlas, where we need to finish a few little jobs. I installed a salt-water pump in the galley sink today. We have veggies and fruits hanging all over inside…lots of nets. We also have some hanging below the solar panels. Ajack cut a whole banana stalk in two. One part inside, where we hope it will ripen more slowly; the other side is under the solar panels. We’re discussing not stopping at the Galapagos, but doing the nearly 4,000 miles to the Marquesas in one jump. Not sure.



  1. That is a BIG decision. When will you make it?

    • In Las Perlas. We have enough food aboard for 6-8 weeks or so.

  2. Tell my brother, David McCallister, we all said hello!! and good bye!!

  3. Hey Sis,
    You can now connect directly with me…yay!

    good morning winds (hopefully)…so the scenery starts changing tomorrow…we’re heading about 35 miles south tomorrow then…we think the Galapagos but are considering going south and then heading SSW to near the equator and just heading straight to the Marquesas…about a 40 day passage…thinking it would be fun to see Galapagos, but open to options…(options being my middle name)…:)
    Love you Sis

  4. David, All things beautiful for your amazing journey. I’ve been looking at maps of the South Pacific seeing the islands you have mentioned. Do you have your guitar? The nights with the full moon will be breathtaking and all the stars, planets. Margene

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