Posted by: joranahan | April 17, 2010

In The Pacific

We transited the 13th and 14th, spending the night in Gatun Lake. I’m in La Playita de Amador, waiting for the new crew to join Kijro. Ayack (a young Frenchman with lots of sailing experience) and David, an American living in the Turks & Caicos, will join the boat Monday and Tuesday, respectively. A special thanks to Graham Collins for leaving Oginaus in Trinidad and joining me for nearly three weeks to bring Kijro from Curacao here. His help has been invaluable, as his knowledge of sailing and taking care of boats is immense. Kijro is in much, much better condition because he was aboard for a short while. I’m extremely grateful. Picture above shows Kijro (on the left) passing through the Milaflores Lock, at the Pacific end of the canal.



  1. Thanks for today’s update!

  2. So glad the boat is in ship shape for the remainder of the voyage and that you have a manly crew to accompany you into the blue! Fair winds John and a safe journey home.

  3. Hi!1 Bon Voyage!! I love YOU!!!!!!

  4. Hi!!! Have a blast!!!!!

  5. Hi!! Have a terrific time!!!!

  6. So glad to hear that you have a crew ready for the next passage!
    Fair winds John.

  7. Hello John, great to hear that your transit through the canal and crew are on the way.
    Best wishes further west.
    Ray and Irene

  8. Great Uncle David! Have a wonderful trip! We’re cheering you on always!!!! Love you!!
    Gary, Shelley, Whitney, David, Kamryn, Kolten, Joshua, Kristen, Emmy, Caed, Hallie and Cannon!!!

  9. Really glad to hear you have a crew!!!
    Hope you have smooth sailing home to family and friends.

  10. You’ve got a good man there in David McCallister. Have a great trip and we will be following along.


  11. Hey Ken!
    we’re pulling the hook in the morning and headed south…food for 6 weeks…Hope the rum holds out!

    Hope we can talk tonight.

    C U

  12. Hello my dear family…

    With all the vegetables and fruit hanging all over the boat under the solar panels on the sten, in nets over the berths and bananas swinging in the front berth so we only have about 30 bananas ripening at the same time…:) Will be fishing for some tuna…or anything that takes the lures we’ll be trolling will be SUSHI!! and then grilled, and then pan fried and then stock for fish soup…and then…More Fish!!

    We have filled up every pan, water filter, teapot, etc with fresh water, refilled the 20 gallons of fresh water we carry in plastic containers tied to the front side rails plus the 40 gallons we have in the boat water tank, plus the desalination water maker…can’t have too much water… if the water maker quits then we start catching rain just to keep as much onboard as possible…can’t have too much water…possible we can have too many bananas…but time will tell…I am a banana eating kinda guy…:)
    great skipper and crew (me and the crazy 24 year old Frenchman…) We’re look like Gilligan’s Isle…whoopee!…why just dance when you can rock & roll…
    Keep in touch…we will but will have to connect with skipper John’s…and that when the SSB (single side band ) radio connects up with the world…
    Love to you all…and our grand adventure begins.
    Love to you all

  13. David,
    Left a message earlier but fear I was not set up correct. Anyway, I said All beautiful things for an amazing journey. Do you have your guitar? The full moon must be breathtaking and all the stars and planets.
    You say you think of Gilligan’s Island and I think of Pirates of the Carribean. I pretty sure are Jack Sparrow. Rum (and bananas) – there’s a drink.
    It will be fun following. As you always say – ENJOY!

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