Posted by: joranahan | May 5, 2010

Arrived Galapagos

We arrived in San Cristobal this morning, and we plan to leave for the Marquesas tomorrow late afternoon. We are shopping, replacing items (such as a engine starting battery), and spending a little time on shore before we head off. We hope to spend more time in the Marquesas, Tuomotas, and Tahiti this way. I’ve been here twice already. David and Ayack want to spend more time in French Polynesia, so I paid about 50% of what I owed the agent to get us out of the rest of the $ commitment for being here. It took us 11 days to cross from Panama. The winds were flukly and light for several days. The last 48-60 hours were fantastic, as we averaged more than 6 knots, having the Equatorial Current to boost us along in relatively light winds. We had one wild, stormy night, but Kijro hung tough, and we are fine.



  1. Thanks for update. Wish we could send some of tonight’s wind from the thunderstorm cell over us now. Ooops… It’s time to batten down the hatches before it hits!

  2. John,
    It’s great to catch up on your blog.
    Delighted to find you are making great progress west.
    Fair winds for the continuation of your voyage.

    Best wishes,

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