The Crew

Kijro’s crew from Tahiti to Pohnpei: Brett (Christopher) Cote, John Ranahan, Daniele Bianchi.

Brett, John, Daniele



  1. I have a springsuit you can use. It’s a zipperless Rip Curl spring suit.

  2. Safe journey to all of you.

    • Heather,
      Thanks for the good wishes. We’re now in Carriacou, on our way.

  3. I am so excited for you guys. Will be anticipating your postings as the trip unfolds.

  4. Please have a safe travels…keep the wind at your back…sunshine on your face…enjoy

  5. Good luck and travel safely! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Proud of you for being so adventurous!

  6. Miss you already! Hope you have the adventures of a lifetime. Please, be safe on your journey, trust in God, yourself, and each other. Love you so much no matter what forever and always.

  7. Hi Jason and Lara,
    I am glad you arrived safely and are getting to have some fun before beginning the “Big Sail”. The place you were typing from looks beautiful, no hot water sounds really cold, and the boat looks smaller than what I ever imagined! Forget those navy sailors, you are a true sailor living 6 months on such a tiny vessel! Just stay safe, be good to each other, and stay in touch as often as you can. I’ll be anticipating each post! Love you both!!

    • Hi Cammie,
      Glad you’re reading along. It’s definitely not a Navy ship, but things are moving along on readiness. The arch was delivered today, so the boat is looking more complete. Jason’s got some work today, so I’m getting off the computer.
      xoxo, Lara

  8. Best wishes to you all for your long journey. You will have many lonely hours at sea but remember there are many of us land lubbers who are are thinking about you and hoping for your safe return. The open sea can be a beautiful place on a well moonlit night and you can really get a feel for the vastness of it all. I remember this from my own sailing (Navy) days. God bless your trip and watch out for each other.

  9. Looking forward to sailing with you…virtually. Praying you have a fabulous trip. Fair winds!

    • Thanks John John,
      I look forward to seeing the family drop in on here every now and again.

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