Posted by: joranahan | April 10, 2010

Approved for Transit

The admeasurer was aboard Kijro this morning and approved us for transiting the canal some time this coming week. Once we get through, Graham will return to Trinidad, and I will continue to look for crew to help me make the passage west. After losing crew, I’ve learned to ask some different questions and seem to have two possible crew who are interested.  I want everyone on the same page when we set off this time. We’ll see what happens.



  1. Hi John – So glad you finally got all your parts and pieces in place for the trip. The sail to Colon sounds like it was a good test run for Kijro – big waves, good sailing. Best of luck with your crew search and I hope you locate someone with blue water experience to make the Puddle Jump! Safe journey to you and the new crew. Abby (Lara’s mom)

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