Posted by: joranahan | April 8, 2010

Arrived Shelter Bay Marina

We arrived here in Colon at 7:00 local time. Trip from Curacao took five and a half days. It was a bumpy rode for nearly all the 700 miles. Waves were over 4 meters at times, and we gusts to nearly 40 knots. Kijro handled the conditions extremely well. We just kept reefing the headsails until we had only a small triangle flying, and we were still doing over 6 knots, surfing down the swells. I need to figure out how to add some pictures. We caught a fine wahoo second night out and have had several lovely meals from it.

Sailing through the break wall entry into Limon Bay was a pleasure: the waves stopped! My crew was Graham Collins, a friend from TTSA in Trinidad. He left his boat Ogginoss to help me get here. He’s going to fly back to Trinidad after we transit the Canal; I’m continuing the search for new crew, so I can keep going west.



  1. Congratulations John upon your arrival in Panama. Sorry to hear about the bumpy ride. Even with such large waves you managed to catch a nice wahoo. If you can give enough notice we will try to catch Kijro passing through the Panama locks on the live cameras. We were able to watch Tahina going through and it was very interesting. Best wishes to find a new crew to help with the rest of your trip.

    • Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the comment. It’s looking as though I may be able to transit the canal some time next week. Graham Collins, who helped get here, will be returning to Trinidad after we transit, but I’ve been in touch with several others who have expressed interest in joining me.

      I hope to send you a small packet of items Lara and Jason left on Kijro when they left from Curacao. They are not major items, but I’m sure that Jason and Lara would like not to have to replace them. It is difficult from here at Shelter Bay; it is in the middle of a protected rain forest.


  2. John, Great to get your reply and update. Thank you for your kind offer to return the items left behind by Jason & Lara. Do you have our address?We will definitely try to catch your transit through at least one of the canal locks. Give us a heads up if possible and we will try to watch for you. You’ll probably be rafted up with a couple of other SV’s so let us know your position. Happy sailing.

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