Posted by: joranahan | June 23, 2010


We arrived Papeete at 21:00 on June 18 and sailed to Moorea in the rally beginning at 09:30 on June 18. We had a blast. Met up with Jason and Lara on the beach. The events were fun, despite the rain. I managed to husk, open, and grate a coconut in a reasonable amount of time. Also got picked at random to dance with the traditional dancers. Afraid I made a bit of a fool of myself, but it was fun. This island is stunning! Back to Papeete tomorrow to do a few repairs before heading north and west.



  1. My estimate is that “Kijro” has sailed about 6-7000 miles down and has about 2500-3000 to go before arriving in Kolonia.

  2. So tell us about the tatto! It looks great. If you have time update your Position Reports.
    Take care,
    Chris & Larry

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