Posted by: joranahan | May 31, 2010

Jumped the Puddle!

We arrived late Friday afternoon in Atuona, on Hiva Oa in the Marquesas. The crossing took us just under 23 days. We made good time most of the way, but it was rolly all the way. We are enjoying being on land but will press on to Tahiti, hoping to arrive there around 16 June. We will make two more stops here in the Marquesas (probably Tuahata and Fatu Hiva) before going west again. Had trouble with the sail mail program, which, for some reason would not upload an position reports the past two weeks. Oh, well.



  1. YEA!! Love you, David!!! School is finally out!! Summer awaits with joyous promise!! Delighted to watch your travels!! Enjoy!

  2. Is sail mail working now? Hope so! It’s SO good to know the location of KIJRO and, of course, its crew!

  3. Hey David, I tried sail mail. Can you be reached? Love to hear how you and crew are doing. Margene

  4. John, we’re following your route! Remarkably, a close Kwaj friend did the same route back in the 70’s, so your experiences bring to mind his ole’ tales. His was before GPS, and he hit an hurricane blind, east of the Marquesas. So yours sounds like a joy!
    fair winds,
    Mike & Jen

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