Posted by: joranahan | April 1, 2010

Off Tomorrow

Water maker finally installed and working today (April 1…no joke). My friend from Trinidad, Graham Collins (who flew here to help me get the boat to Panama) and I plan to leave tomorrow, probably early afternoon and head directly to Colon, in Panama. He wants to stay on Kijro until we transit the canal, and then we will return to Trinidad to get his own boat ready for his (single-handed) journey this way.

We had iguana curry for dinner tonight at Asiento, a local sailing club with a restaurant and happy hour each Tuesday and Thursday.  The curry was quite nice, quite spicy. Lots of little bones, though.



  1. John, you are braver than I! Iguana anything scares my stomach! Does this mean you are making the transit alone? Hope not! Blog more often; still like to hear how you are doing.
    Take care
    Donna (Jason’s Mom)

  2. Does it taste like chicken?

    • Yes.

  3. hey john
    Have been reading your post>very interesting>it was so nice of graham to assist you>
    Joe’s Pizza is missing you and Graham.

    have a safe journey

    Love you

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