Posted by: Jason Decker | March 10, 2010

Go West!

We left Carriacou Monday evening about 6 p.m. and headed west toward Curacao. With 3-meter following seas and downwind breeze that varied from 5.5-30 kts apparent over two days, we got the opportunity to play with the twizzle rig John made specifically for the trip. In case we haven’t mentioned it before, the twizzle is two jibs, sewn together on the same luff, flown wing-on-wing, held out by dual poles, sans mainsail. The poles attach to a topping lift and downhaul but float freely without attaching to the mast. This allows them to float back and forth without inducing roll in the boat, and it’s more balanced than running a main and spinnaker. If this all sounds too confusing, we’ll post pics later.

On our way, Lara set the fishing pole and at dusk on day 1, we landed ourselves a nice little yellowfin tuna. John butchered it and it was a midday sashimi snack and a grilled dinner in La Blanquilla.

Yellowfin dinner

Yellowfin dinner

After 42 hours, we pulled off for a little stop off the coast of Venezuela. It’s an uninhabited sandy island called La Blanquilla, which is just shy of 1/2 way to Curaçao. After some much needed “showers” (shampoo and soap in the surf), a walk on the deserted sugar-white beaches, and a night of sleep, we were refreshed and ready to head out for Bonaire.

Ahh beach showers

Ahh beach showers

Blanquilla beach

Blanquilla beach

Bonaire is another 40ish hours from Blanquilla, but only about 40 miles from Curaçao. We don’t have to be in Curaçao until the 14th, so we’ll get to spend two full days in Bonaire. There we’ll finish up Lara’s PADI diving certification and relax a bit before making the 35-mile sail to Curaçao, where our long-awaited water maker will be installed. Hurrah to cleaning the deck! And on-board laundry rinses!



  1. Finally…an update! I must say I don’t do well not being able to contact you. How was the 42 hr trip? Is the 3 on 6 off schedule going to work? Did anyone get “seasick” (Lara)? I bet you guys were pretty “rank” before you could take a “shower”/”bath”? Retirement seems pretty dull compared to your experiences! Hi to John and Lara! John, I’m envious that your retirement is more exciting than mine!
    Take care to all and God Bless.
    Love you J.

    • No more seasickness after Carriacou. We had some very rolly seas too. Seems we finally have our sea legs! Watches were 4 on 8 off, and they worked fine. Sleeping isn’t so easy with the boat pitching and rolling though. Nights after landing made for very deep sleeps. “Showered” on the beach in Blanquilla, then had to wait 48 hrs til Bonaire. J says hi. He’s fixing internet problems on his computer right now. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a really fun trip y’all are having. I sent you a couple of emails but no response, did you receive them?

  3. Nothing like a sea water shampoo. Really.

  4. Sounds like a dream come true so far 🙂 Good for you !!!

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