Posted by: joranahan | September 20, 2010

Getting the Land Legs Back

One of Pohnpei's beautiful waterfalls

I’ve been back three weeks and have spent most of that time ashore. Danielle is still here, and he is living on Kijro. Once he leaves in October, I’ll need to start spending days and some nights aboard. There is petty theft from yachts here, unfortunately, but if it looks like there is someone aboard, there are far fewer problems. I’m setting up some scuba class that will begin before the end of the month. Jean and I spend a weekend anchored off one of the islands inside the fringing reef. It was pleasant, and she got to be aboard for the two days. I’m hoping to start using Kijro, once the repairs get done: Aries, KISS, main sail, samson post. Still, it is wonderful to see the boat out in Sokehs Harbor. Grandson, John, son-in-law, Pidel, and Oliver, a family friend, took Danielle on a tour of southern Pohnpei, where they visited the sacred eels, the mangrove swamps, and Nan Madol, the ancient stone city.



  1. I’m so glad that KIJRO is there, too! Hugs! Paula

  2. John,
    Glad to see you settling in w/family, getting land legs back, continuing w/scuba. Love the picture of the waterfalls, I’ve got pics of us there, and with my parents as well.
    Just read “Medusa” by Clive Cussler which takes place in Pohnpe and Nan Madol! Escape reading at many levels.
    We head to our winter digs next week – Key West.
    Jen & I are thinking of you and Jean.
    Mike & Jen.

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