Posted by: joranahan | August 27, 2010

Leaving for Last Leg Tomorrow

I extended the stay here. Brett Cote left the boat the day we arrived, so I asked around to see if there was anyone interested in sailing to Pohnpei. Turns out that one of the managers of the Pacific Tree Lodge (Mark) wanted to do the trip but couldn’t leave until tomorrow. His son’s second birthday is today. His wife (Maria-Grazie) offered us a room for three nights if Jean could join me here. I spoke with Jean; she flew here on Wednesday (returns today), playing hooky from school in Kolonia. We’ve had a wonderful three days together, after not seeing each other since January 6.

The trip from here is 320 nautical miles, which should take about three days, if we have reasonable winds and current. Forecast looks ok.



  1. John, So glad to hear that your long journey is nearly complete. It has been a difficult sail but you are almost home. God Speed on this last part of your voyage and please let us know how this last part goes. We’d also like to see pictures of your trip and all the sights along the way. BTW, Jason and Lara are now in NZ and tell us it is very expensive there and also much colder than the tropics were.

  2. John! you should be well on the way to home by the time you get this. I saw that you and Jean had seen one another before this last leg – that must’ve been quite a reunion! So glad for you and congratulations Captain, you did it! Lara and Jason are making their adjustments to being back on shore as well. I’m feeling some joy and a little sadness for all of you. One thing ending, another begins.

  3. As of 1300 hours I’m back in Lakewood. Let us know when you arrive in Kolonia. Hugs!

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