Posted by: joranahan | August 20, 2010

Arrived Kosrae

We got into Lelu Harbor this morning, 08:00 local time. It took us just three hours under ten days to get here from Tuvalu, so we average more than 127 miles a day. It was a rolly passage, and I’m suffering from sleep deprivation. Brett is flying back to Pohnpei tomorrow. Daniele and I hope to leave here first light on Tuesday morning and get into Pohnpei by next Friday. Home, at last? We had lots of dolphins the past several evenings, playing around the bow just before sunset. What a pleasant surprise! The South Equatorial Current helped us to the tune of up to 40 miles a day the past ten days. We appreciated it greatly.



  1. Hi Dad

    Good to hear you are so close to home now. Can finally picture a place that you’ve travelled to!

    Enjoy a few days rest.

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