Posted by: joranahan | August 7, 2010

Arrived in Tuvalu

We anchored in Funafuti Atoll, part of The Kingdom of Tuvalu, just after noon today. It is a lovely place. We had a mixed crossing from Pago Pago. The first 24 hours was tough, starting with a becalmed period, followed by violent squalls and nearly a full day of rain. Had to sail south for awhile, to keep the boat under control, but we got here in just over six days (just about 700 miles). We will be here three nights, to try to catch up on our sleep deprivation. The boat does ROCK and ROLL. Caught a lovely wahoo about two hours out of here this morning; we’ll feast for the next few nights.  From here, we’ve decided to go straight to Kosrae (about 1300 miles), by-passing the Kiribati and the Marshalls. We’re hoping to make that crossing in 10-14 days. We’ll see.  No new pictures; I’m in an internet cafe that doesn’t let me use my own computer.



  1. Kijro is making good progress. Hope there’s less rock-n-rolling between Funafuti and Kosrae. If all goes well, I’m estimating your ETA in Kolonia will be around the second week in September.

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