Posted by: joranahan | July 9, 2010


Taking a break

Spent the past two nights here and will leave for Bora Bora this evening. This is a wonderful island. We biked around the north part today and had a great time. Saw blue-eyed eels, archeological ruins, a local artist’s studio. Much more reasonable than Tahiti. Lovely spot.



  1. Tonight there was a cookout at Felipe and Graciela’s home in Los Gavilanes on the SW corner fo the metropolitan Guadalajara area. It was the first time Maggie and John’s families had a chance to get together, and everyone had a good time.

    Tomorrow evening is the wedding at a hotel. I’ll be home Monday evening.

    Hope the winds are blowing from the right direction for your trip to Bora Bora.

    Hugs! Paula

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