Posted by: joranahan | March 16, 2010


Well, we’ve made it to Curaçao, but we discovered that the water-maker man has not yet returned from his vacation in Las Aves (which we sailed by on our way to Bonaire from La Blanquilla). We will wait for him here. We need to check in tomorrow morning, which will require a bus ride from here to the capital city. Actually, a fellow cruiser with a car has offered us a ride in the morning.

It was a non-windy day today, so we motor-sailed from Bonaire. It took us just under seven hours to do the 35+ miles. It is a breezy, cool evening here in Spanish Waters. Looks like the wind is going to pick up substantially the next several days, so being here has its benefits. Sailing in 35 knots of wind isn’t always much fun.

Jason and Lara have been great. It is fun to watch them take advantage of the opportunities on this trip. They’ve made contacts with numerous cruisers and are willing to share their knowledge with just about everyone. Great!



  1. John,
    Glad all is going well. I am green with envy reading the blog.

    Pity you didn’t go into Las Aves, beautiful islands.
    I suppose you have contacted :The watermaker man” by email. He normally can read email on his boat.

    I have an email address which is not on the website, but do not want to publish it here. Email me with your personal email.

  2. Aubrey,

    Thanks for the comment. I have Barry’s winlink address and have contacted him on this, but he hasn’t replied. We expect him here soon, I hope.

    We’re having a wonderful trip, so far. Bonaire was a pleasant surprise.

  3. My mummy red your message on my dads compyta .love from amy

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