Posted by: Jason Decker | March 3, 2010

Position Reporting

Position Map

Just before leaving Trinidad, we got our position reporting configured and began reporting. We will be updating our position every day or two, or as possible while underway.  Keep in mind that just because we don’t update our position for a few days or so, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong, we may just be busy, tired or ??? You get the idea. Check our position using Shiptrack or just follow the link in the right hand column of the blog. The red dots are where we have been and the large marker indicates the location of our last report.  Most reports will be delayed somewhat just so it’s not easy for some random person or pirate to find us.



  1. Lara’s cousin is a pilot with the Coast Guard and wanted to get Kijro’s coordinates (privately of course)to take an aerial photo of the boat under sail. He was doing patrol in the Gulf of Mex, the Canal, and into the Pacific this week. He mentioned pirates in and around the Galapagos. I’ll get your private mail address to him for “Operation Search and Photo”. Love ya! M

    • This sounds awesome! Tell Todd to hit me up with an email.

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