Posted by: Jason Decker | March 1, 2010

We’re off!



Saturday at about 3:30 p.m., we finally left Trinidad and officially began our journey toward the Pacific. Our first leg was the 100’ish mile trip to the island of Carriacou in the Grenadines where John plans on visiting some old friends before saying goodbye and heading west. The first 70 miles or so were mostly upwind in 15-20 knots of wind and 3-6′ seas.  Fairly unpleasant sailing conditions, as Lara can attest, she spent most of the 24-hour trip seasick.

Jason, clearly NOT seasick

Jason, clearly NOT seasick

We arrived in Carriacou around 3:30 p.m. today safe and sound. We all went for a much-needed swim in the crystal Caribbean waters, and after a freshwater rinse, John cooked up some ribs and Lara made some mac & cheese and a salad to go with them.

I wish I could say this passage was completely uneventful, but as with most boats, it turns out there are a few minor leaks that will require our attention this week before setting off again. Most boats have leaks of some sort or another. Unfortunately for Lara, it turns out that most of Kijro’s are in places that she had her stuff stored. Just before dark on Saturday night, Lara was feeling quite ill, so I agreed to go down to the v-berth to get her fleece and found her storage locker to be pretty wet. Lara, not waiting to make her nausea situation worse, really wanted me to go back down to the v-berth to check on all the electronics, specifically her Kindle. After I bounced around for several minutes on my previous trip to retrieve her fleece, I began to get a bit queasy myself, so there was no way I was going back to the bow anytime soon. More worried about her Kindle than getting sicker, she took a deep breath, dashed below and verified its safety, only to return immediately to the rail to puke. After feeding her lunch to the fishes, she felt a bit better, except for the frustration over all her wet gear.

Another project for the list. In the meantime, we’ll be motoring up to Hillsborough Bay in the morning so we can remove our “Q” flag, for quarantine, by passing through customs and immigration. Then we can join civilization on the island. Lara will be working on her PADI certification with John this week, and we have strong internet from the boat, so feel free to Skype us or drop us an email and we’ll set up a chat time.

Brad, Lara’s still trying to get that conversation you two missed two weeks back!



  1. Your stuff got wet! Waaaaaahhhhh! Not our little Kindle!! Say it ain’t so! (got a waterproof bag for next time?) Of course with all those broken latches, closures and etc, that may be a challenge. (Loved that post). On your next outing let J take a pix of YOU, even if you *are* green – I could only see your big toe. Hope you’ve got patches in that medic kit… mucho love and a big hug.

  2. I, too, hope you have a supply of patches. I keep a few handy. (On January 2nd I used one on a “pelagic” trip on the Cuyahoga River and Cleveland’s harbor.) Even reading about swells makes me queasy.

  3. Sorry to hear that Lara’s been seasick (and that all her stuff got wet), but it sounds like you guys are off to a mostly good start.

    We’re really enjoying keeping up with your travels at the B|G office. 🙂

  4. We appreciate the updates and pics. You guys look great and I hope things turn around for the better on weather and sea conditions. Too bad about the leaks and wet gear. How does Kijro handle for sailing? Sure hope that Lara can find some good ginger to help settle her stomach. Take care and stay in touch when ever you can.

  5. J & Lara, Glad to hear you are underway. Here’s hoping you get all the kinks worked out by the time you get through Panama. Hang in there Lara, I am sure your sea-legs & stomach will become quite hearty & you’ll be ready for any kind of sea’s. We would love to skype with you while you are on land fixing those leaks. Tuesday or Thrusday this week in the evening will work for us. Love and hugs!!

    • Hey sis! A skype call tonight sounds good. I will be online working tonight anyway so just look for me online. How does say 6:00pm your time sound?

  6. J, your feet!! They look so sunburned; almost purple. Did this happen on your trip from “Hell”? Love the pics…everyone looks content, healthy and happy to start the journey; although this was leaving Trinidad! I’d love to see the pics upon arrival at your current destination. Hope Lara is up to par and enjoying the journey. How’s John doing knowing he has a “leaking” boat? (I don’t want the boat to leak!) Take care, God Bless, Love ya!

    • My feet are not burnt at all that picture was a bit dark because it was shot into bright back lighting so Lara did a quick fix in Photoshop and I don’t think she did much to brighten up my feet 🙂 They are fine no sunburn.

  7. Sorry to hear you got sea sick//my heart go’s out to you Lara, I know how you were feeling like I get sea sick most of the time.Greg from Fancy Free is on our boat now he said to say hi to you both.I hope the rest of your trip will get better.I’m not looking forward to our trip back to Australia.Take care

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