Posted by: joranahan | February 14, 2010

Tentative Schedule through Tahiti

Depart Trinidad:            Thursday, 25 February

Arrive Curacao:              Monday, 1 March

Leave Curacao:               Wednesday, 10 March

Arrive Panama:               Thursday, 18 March

Leave Panama:                Thursday, 25 March

Arrive Galapagos:            Tuesday, 6 April

Leave Galapagos:             Tuesday, 20 April

Arrive Marquesas:            Friday, 21 May

Leave Marquesas:            Tuesday, 1 June

Arrive Tahiti:                     Tuesday, 15 June

Leave Tahiti:                      Tuesday, 22 June



  1. 11 days ’til you shove off. See you June 15 in Tahiti!

  2. Is Diane kiddin or R they really going to Tahiti?? Do they have a spare trunk? I’ll start dieting…

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