Posted by: Lara Ortiz | January 27, 2010

Welcome aboard!

This is a blog by 3 sailors crossing the Pacific for the first time, together, on a 31′ South African sloop named Kijro. We’ve joined a rally to cross the Pacific, called the Pacific Puddle Jump, so we’ll have over 100 boats to connect and communicate with along the way. We’ll be starting our journey together in Trinidad in early February, and we hope to arrive in Pohnpei, Micronesia, by late summer 2010. Follow us on our travels, and we’ll blog lessons learned while cruising, share tips for destinations, and post pictures of what we find along the way.



  1. Can’t wait to follow your adventure!!!

  2. It was so awesome to be able to talk to you 2 yesterday and to get to see you and meet John. It was what sister needed, and I am feeling much better now that I know I can still talk to you some! The scenery looks beautiful 2 btw. Love ya!!

    • Hey sis it was great to talk to catch up with everyone yesterday. We created and posted a picture site yesterday so everyone can see more pictures than what we are able to post on the blog. Check my latest post for the address. Love ya.

  3. Good mornng! Having a little trouble trying to keep up with you, David. Hope this e-mail gets to you. We are watching the daily progress plots and reading this site daily. Love ya!

  4. <hey Sis
    Sent a bunch of emails from a little net store here in San Christobal Galapagos, and we are heading out this evening for the Marquesas. you can email me on which is the skippers sailmail account.
    Love to you and the family and the winds look good and we are provisioned and spirits are ready for some more blue water sailing! <Life is good and Kijro is an excellent boat…feeling safe on her.

    Yo Ho me Mateys!

  5. Shelley…

    The correct sailmail address is the following:

    There haven’t been any recent position updates this week but should be soon.

  6. love them pictures… I’m from Pohnpei and I’m very thankful and proud to show pics to my friends in Cincinnati

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